Sunday, 18 November 2007

***Oh my tiny Barbour***

My tiny navy blue Barbour wax jacket is my pride and joy. An ebay bargain at 20quid, in perfect condition and as it turns out, previously owned by a 10yr old kid; its proportions are absolutely perfect, the adult versions just can't compare. The sleeves are a little short, showing off those ribbed wool cuffs and the hem hits just below the waist, taking away that bulkiness and toning down the day out in the country feel. I remember seeing Alexa Chung (who, on occasion, pulls off some really interesting outfits) wearing a gigantic green barbour over a pretty floral dress. Whilst it was all a bit 'Elle guide to Glastonbury chic' /Cath Kidson wellies, it still worked a charm. However, for my own personal inspiration I turned to the Sartorialist and this exquisitely turned out fella.

Yeah, I know, nothing special right? But the combination of the crinkled chinos with the turn-ups, the two-tone work boots and that British classic, the wax jacket-in particular the slightly off-kilter proportions with it obviously being a couple of sizes too short-created an image that stuck in my mind from first look. Understated but by no means accidental, I'd guess a lot of thought has gone into this look. It paid off. My little Barbour has become my fail-safe, chuck it on top of anything, jeans, a skirt, whatever, and it just seems to go. I love utility wear and I'm not going to lie, there's something slightly addictive about the smell of the waxed fabric. In truth, It's about as close as I'll ever get to 'Country Living' but that's close enough for me.


LouBelle said...

I love this look! Utilitarian chic. Do you know what type of jacket he's wearing in the picture? I've looked at the Barbour website but there are so many choices, I don't want to end up with one of those awful baggy green ones!

The Image Coop said...

Not sure what model he's wearing but if you're looking for something a little more fitted I'd go for the 'Bedale' as opposed to the more popular 'Beaufort' which is longer and generally boxier. I personally think the boys barbours are the best, the larger sizes are almost identical to the womens but the price is lower and the cut a little better. Ebay is your friend on this one!