Monday, 29 October 2007


You, Me & Everyone We Know is on Channel4 as I type and I'm reminded of Miranda July's new book (in collaboration with Harrell Fletcher) a collection of submitted work from the 'Learning to Love you more' website, a sort of self-improvement, interactive art project that invites participants to follow a series of tasks then displays the results on the site. A simple line of text, an instruction, to encourage you to do something that seems daft on first sight but which soon becomes an experiment in lateral thinking, pushing you to reassess the way in which you relate to the world and people around you. Some are silly but fun (Assignment 18-Recreate a poster you had as a teenager) others a little on the heavy side. (Assignment 52 -Write the phonecall you wish you could have).

The book is fascinating, Perhaps it's my love of lists and tasks and those ol' primary school workbooks, but the structure of the project really appeals. Admittedly, it can get a little overly saccharine at times, homemade candles and patchwork quilts come to mind, but I genuinely enjoyed the book...and the unfamiliar warm and fuzzy feeling that followed.



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