Friday, 26 October 2007

The Tie-Dye Dilemma

I'm torn. On the one hand my almost obsessive avoidance of anything
Rave-related has me thinking that Tie-Dye is bad move. On the other, there's a part of my brain that draws me to it. The same part that has me watching Streetmate and sent me into a potentially life threatning cheese frenzy when McD's added Mozzarella sticks to their menu. The thing with TD is that it's been bubbling under for quite some time now. I wasn't at all surprised to see sprinklings of it during the SS08 shows but the real turning point was that Topshop summer offering, the Unique 'shocking' Pink n' Blue playsuit. Initially I laughed, mocked, poured scorn over the very idea. Two days later I'm thinking about it at the bustop like some forbidden multicoloured desire.

So, I finally gave in, who am I kidding? Guilty pleasures always win out. However this turned out to be more of a compromise then a surrender. In the continuing saga that is my Love/mild dislike for American Apparel, I picked up one of their 'Acid Wash' (ah,the power of semantics) Crew neck Tees, soft and sheer in a dappled mauve. It's my new favourite t-shirt, I'm loathed to wash it because that would mean we would be parted for a day. The effect is pretty subtle, this isn't a an ode to Woodstock and Bongs, more a touch of sharp colour that hints at Hippy but stops short of being too trend-specific. Too scared to go the whole hog, it looks like Pseudo Tie-dye might just be the way to go. Yeah, it's bit half-fat mayonnaise but it feeds the need...


Rosalie Knox

Narcisco Rodriguez

Veronique Branquinho

Runway Images:Vogue/Style
Rosalie Knox @
American Apparel


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